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Hey there I am sophwan! I am a 3D Modeler, Builder and Game Designer from the United Kingdom and have been on and around the ROBLOX platform for around 10 years. I have always been very passionate about consolidating a foundation for future and current developers to extend their skills and introduce them to more complexities in the diverse platform which is ROBLOX.


My fort├ęs on the ROBLOX platform mainly consist of extending developer's know-how and practical use of 3D modelling software such as Blender, how to achieve interactive and engaging gameplay through game design and how to make yourself (and your games) marketable.

My experiences extend from 6 years of being a ROBLOX developer, 2 of which have been actively using Blender. My skills excel in the area of hyper-realism being depicted in ROBLOX with the increasing importance of surface appearance (and PBRs). I am enthusiastic to extend these skills to excited developers who can tap into this skill set through the amazing platform ROBLOX provides. Furthermore, I am experienced in game design and have over 37M contributed plays. My experience of successful, and interactive gameplay design can provide an insight to developers who wish to improve user retention and average visit length. These experiences have also cumulated into the formation of a successful community based through TikTok. The marketability of games and the draw of games through third-party platforms have significant importance in drawing people together; however far their interests may be from each other.

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