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G'Day everyone! I am NinjoOnline (Ninjo for short) and I've been on the Roblox platform since 2011 and been developing games on it since then. I've worked on a number of projects, as both a lead developer and as a commissioned developer. I have amassed over 20M place visits across the games I have made, as well as over 100M visits in games I have contributed on.

I also steam my development on Twitch, so you can come join me and watch Roblox games be made live, as well as have the opportunity to ask me questions about Roblox development and I can answer them to the best of my abilities.

I hope to maintain a chill and relaxed vibe through my events, streaming Roblox development, and helping to spread the Roblox studio category on the Twitch platform to a wider array of developers, and to hopefully build up a larger community there. A lot can be learnt from watching development streams and hope you too can learn a thing or two!

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