A Guide to Community

Sat, Jul 30, 11:30 AM (EDT)

Ever wanted to build a community around your product or game? We're here to help. Join Norman748 to teach you how to build and manage your online community in the metaverse.

About this event

Building a brand new community can be difficult. We're here to give your product or game a sense of belonging in the metaverse. Join us on February 12th to learn how to adequately build and scale your community for the changing online world.

🎯You'll learn...

• How to build a community from the ground up.

• How to effectively market your community to your product field.

• How to develop connections with others.

• How to find the right people for you community.

• How to engage and increase user retention in your community.

📋Make sure...

• You are prepared to take notes and ask questions.




  • Norman748


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