DDC#1 // Learn the basics of MUSIC and SFX!

Dec 22 - 24, 2021, 3:00 PM (CST)

Ever wondered how to begin production of an original soundtrack? Want some sweet, sweet sounds to match your sound effects? Join iGottic and Blue Boa in a discussion and competition to get you started in with a new skillset!

About this event

DDC #1, featuring composer Blue Boa, will be all about music! This is a three-day event:

- Day 1: Join in a LIVE informative interview between iGottic and Blue Boa to discover the importance of music/SFX, and how you can get started with it as a beginner. This discussion ends with the announcement of the music jam!

- Day 2: Music jam ends! Everybody had 24 hours to make a swag beat, now it's time to compete!

- Day 3: The community virtual concert begins! All songs submitted will make it into the DDC virtual concert, so join along to hear your song alongside others.




December 22 - 24
3:00 PM (CST)


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  • iGottic


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