Developer SOS

Wed, Jan 6, 2021, 7:00 PM (EST)

About this event

Have you ever put your heart and soul into a game, only to have nobody play it? Just contact Developer SOS! Every week we answer questions sent in from developers facing troubles with their game. 

The host of the show is CJ_Oyer, 2x accelerator, 2 year game design major, 200M plays, 12 year developer. Alongside him will be rotating guest developers brought on each week! Of our current confirmed list of guests, we have a combined 1 billion plays worth of experience! So far our guests this season include: RBXKyle, Erythia, Tyridge77, InsanelyLuke, ScriptOn, Myzta, Olicai, Boatbomber, and AlgyLacey!

Here's how it will go, you - an aspiring developer with a game that's been released but didn't succeed - will send us a link to your game, as well as any background info you'd like to tell us about it. We'll compile all the entries into a list, and our favorite ones will be read aloud and discussed between the host and the guest. Hopefully we'll give you some guidance to help our your game! 

After we've discussed every entry on the list, the audience will vote on which game was their favorite. That game will get 10,000 R$ to use for advertising of the game after the changes have been made. As Robux giveaways aren't allowed, think of it instead as us hiring you as a contractor for your own game. Hopefully the extra marketing + improvements will be enough to help your game into the sunlight!


  • CJ_Oyer


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