A Spooktacular Game Jam

Oct 12 - Nov 2, 11:00 AM (EDT)

It's the scariest season of the year. What could bring anymore fear? A spooktacular game jam to bring to life your worse nightmare! Team up with up to three people or go about it solo in this sure to be spooky game jam. What will you be able to create? πŸ§›

About this event

Are you ready for a game jam? This Halloween game jam won’t be like any other game jam. This game jam will mix together the ordinary build aspect as well as music. The emphasis on music will be greatly emphasized for this game jam.

You won’t be expected to make a fully functional game in a typical game jam fashion; rather, your goal should be to make a showcase that compliments both the build and music. The music may be composed by you or someone in your group but you may also find audios to use that were uploaded by Roblox.

Music can come in many different forms whether it is in the background to serve as a dormant piece to the story. You can also have music that reacts to where the player is and have it play a more functional role to the story. Along with all this, we cannot leave out the sound effects that may help carry along the story in very subtle ways.

It goes without saying that when you bring the building aspect into this, everything blends together to bring the story to life. Both are two very different mediums but once combined have unstoppable powers. What will you be able to create for this Halloween game jam?


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Oct 12 - Nov 2
11:00 AM (EDT)



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